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MyState: Contact Phone Status


Tired of wasting time? Tired of waiting on the phone line? MyState is theapp for you! Use our smart calling features and advanced status tracker tounderstand when your contacts are available and prefer to be called.★ IT’S TIME TO SAVE TIMESave precious time by calling your contacts only when they’re available tospeak. MyState keeps you from waiting on the phone line by detectingpeople’s current status & letting you know when they are free to talk. Theapp also lets you update your own status manually.
★ WAIT NO MORE!Want to interact with your friends and family in a better way? Tired ofbeing rejected and interrupting people when they are busy on a call,offline, or have their phones switched off? MyState helps you track thestatus of the contacts in your address book, so you know when they’re freeto receive an incoming call! The app also notifies you about yourcontacts’ availability and sends you a push notification when they arefree to answer.
★ MYSTATE FEATURES:✓ Smart calling and time saving: No more rejected or unanswered calls, nomore running after contacts when they’re not free to answer. MyStatesignals when your friends’ lines are free!
✓ Automatic indicators: Identify whether your contacts are available orbusy with the app’s status indicators: silent mode, vibrate mode, lowbattery charging, time zone, offline, and device turned off.
✓ Personal status updates: Track your contacts’ availability and signal tothem when you are ready to connect with the app’s status indicators:available (green), available for messages only (orange) or busy (red).
✓ Time saver: Stay tuned! Use “Crunch” and get notified when your friendsfinish their call to ensure you dial their number only when they cananswer. The Crunch feature even works from your regular phone dialer!
✓ Contacts & Dialer: View full information about all the telephone numbersin your address book including your call history.
✓ Communication hub: MyState is your main communications hub, allowing youto send WhatsApp messages, text messages, SMS, and emails from one placeand with just a tap of a button! MyState will also recommend the best appfor you to communicate with your contact, based on your and your contact’sapps and network availability.
✓ Privacy: Users can modify what they share with their contacts list anddecide if they want to have a public status.
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